Thursday, March 3, 2016

How I Found A Dog Groomer For My Mom

My mom has a few little dogs. They have the type of hair you have to keep up with and cut. My mom doesn't want to cut their hair herself so she asked me to help her find a dog groomer to cut their hair for her. I asked a few friends of mine about Austin dog groomers.

I was able to find out lots of information about the ones in the area. I surprisingly didn't hear many negative things about any of the dog groomers around.

I relayed the information to my mom and also the phone numbers I collected for the different groomers.

She was really happy I was able to get this information for her. She made an appointment for her dogs the next day. She said she had a good experience with getting their hair cut and she was able to take them for their appointments and pick them up later. Her dogs look pretty cute with their haircuts and she said she will be using the groomer she chose again when it is time for them to get their hair cut again.

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